Sunday, December 2, 2012

Surplus Used Equipment to Ongoing Operations of Herigton Power

Auction - Surplus To The Ongoing Operations Of Herington Power
437 South 5th St., Herington, Kansas 67449
Conducted / Managed by Stuart B. Millner & Associates

(5) Turbine Generators / Caterpillar Backup Generator
Computer Controlled Power Panels


Fairbanks-Morse M/N 33F16,
1200 HP In-line 6 cylinder,
300 RPM, Diesel Fuel Only, 4-cycle,
Driving a Fairbanks-Morse generator, Type TGZO, S/N 521431,
840 Kw output, 2400/4160 Volt, 3-Phase.
Has not run for the past 12 years.
Fairbanks-Morse M/N 38DD8 1/8,
1600 HP, 10 cylinder opposed piston, 2-Cycle,
720 RPM, Dual Fuel (diesel / natural gas),
Driving a Fairbanks-Morse generator Type TGZO, S/N 596672,
1137 Kw output, 2400/4160 Volt, 3 Phase.
112029 hours of operation, last run Summer 2011.


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