Monday, April 6, 2009

10.7 MW Combined Cycle Cogeneration Plant Sale

10.7 MW Combined Cycle Cogeneration Plant

7.2 MW Solar Taurus natural gas fired turbine generator. Built 2000, zero hours on turbine since rebuild in 2008. Electricity at 3 phase, 60 cycle, 4160 volt, operated at 340 psig (can be converted to liquid or dual fuel). Equipped with SO LO NOX, mounted on heavy skid base frame and sound attenuated enclosure with main gearbox. Generator with exciter and governor. Unit is electric start with synchronizing and paralleling switchgear, microprocessor based controls, air inlet filtration system, fire protection system. NOX level of emissions - 18.84 ppm or .069#/mm BTU

E.R.I. 170,000#/hr heat recovery steam generator (hrsg), 500 psi design pressure, 650°f design temperature, 2001. Equipped with verloop packaged natural gas burner, combustion safe guard controls, fuel trains, etc. Boiler will generator 26,000#/hour with its own burner.

3.5 mw GE extraction, back pressure (non-condensing) steam turbine generating set. Present operating condition 400 psi @ 650°f with a.e. 125 psi and 30 psi bp exhaust. Direct connected to an 8000 kva GE ac generator, 3 phase, 60 cycle, 4160 volt with exciter. 12-stage multi-valve turbine.

This cogeneration unit powered a paper mill. Perry Videx is also offering the equipment from this mill. See brochure for additional information.