Thursday, October 28, 2010


For auction is a GEMA PGC-1 manual powder coating system. All equipment needed to start applying powder coatings is included with this unit. This is a high quality, industrial production unit designed for the serious powder coater who wants a very adjustable and reliable powder coating system.

System includes:

1. PGC-1 manual control unit fully adjustable from 0-100KV. Three separate regulators control powder flow, rinsing air and mixing air. Unit plugs into a standard 110 volt outlet.

2. Gema PG-1 manual powder gun includes the gun cable, the rinsing air hose, a new flat jet nozzle and a round jet nozzle with different sized deflectors (16mm, 24mm, and 32mm).

3. Gema powder pump includes the red and blue air lines with quick disconnect fittings.

4. Includes powder hose from the pump to the manual gun.

5. This unit includes a powder hopper which will hold approximately 3 pounds of powder. Hopper has a 3/16th inch fluidizing membrane. Includes the pick up tube and pump holder. A 1/4" NPT fitting near the bottom allows connection to your filtered and regulated shop air supply for fluidizing the powder in the hopper. Requires very minimal air for fluidizing, usually between 1-3 psi.

Ground wires are supplied on both the control module and the hopper.