Saturday, November 27, 2010

Winona Van Norman SM 130 CBN head and block machine For Sale

One nice clean used WVN SM130 CBN head and block mill,comes with standard head and block tooling as shown. Will also include Starrett level, touchdown indicator and new CBN puck. Has power column and variable table traverse. $
Serial # 131261198
Voltage 230 V Three Phase
Wheel head motor 5HP.
Maximum length to be ground 44 inches.
Milling head diameter. 13.5 inches.
Wheelhead speeds. 800-1600 rpm.
Table traverse speed 0-64 IPM.
Spindle CL to Column 9.5 inches.
Maximum wheelhead to table distance. 25 inches.
Size 79x36x81
Weight. 2750 lbs.