Saturday, December 4, 2010

XDR Digital X RAY Intraoral Sensor size 2

XDR Digital X RAY Intraoral Sensor size 2 For Sale

XDR Radiology’s new Comfort Sensor delivers superior image quality combining dramatic spatial and contrast resolution.

XDR’s advanced imaging filters go beyond the limits of film and the human eye to provide simple and high-quality capture from panoramic/cephalometric units, intraoral cameras, scanners, PSP units, and more. XDR’s patented Bi-Directional scaling allows accurate measurements in any direction, enabling the only accurate digital implant overlay available while patented Distortion Correction undoes the effects of projective distortions, allowing for more comfortable sensor placement. Chosen by UCLA’s School of Dentistry, XDR is dramatically easier to use, and bridges with all practice management systems