Sunday, March 6, 2011

Global Online Auction | Plessey Semiconductors Limited

Huge Online Auction of Plessey Semiconductor Limited Equipment
Starting: March 22, 2011 - 9:00 am PDT
Ending: March 23, 2011 - 5:00 pm PDT
On Behalf Of: Plessey Semiconductors Limited
Location: Tamerton Road Roborough, Plymouth Devon PL6 7BQ

Key Assets:

  • AMAT P5000 3 Chamber CVD Deposition Chamber A - PE Teos or Ozone Teos Chamber B – Nitride Chamber C – PSG Wafer Size 150mm
  • KLA 5015 Registration tool for qualifying steppers checking alignment and CD's Wafer Size 150mm
  • Canon FPA1550 Mk4 Stepper Wafer Size 150mm
  • Canon CDS630 Coat and Develop tool - 2 tracks in one frame Wafer Size 150mm
  • Semitool 1500 Poly Deposition Wafer Size 150mm
  • DNS SD-W60A-AVPE Resist Developer Tracks Wafer Size 150mm
  • DNS EEW622B Edge Bead Removal - Two tracks in one frame Wafer Size 150mmDNS DNS622 SOG Coat Tool Wafer Size 150mm
  • Semitool WSST608A Spray Solvent Tool Wafer Size 150mm
  • Semitool 870S/L Dual Stack Spin Rinse Drier Wafer Size 150mm
  • Blue M DCC-206CY Oven
  • Edwards Manual Wet bench 2 x HF Bath 2 x Dump Rinse 1 x Glove Rinse