Sunday, March 6, 2011

Leading Used Process Equipment Supplier Launches New Website

Leading Used Process Equipment Supplier, Federal Equipment Company, Launches New Website

The newly redesigned Website of the Federal Equipment Company goes live today on
the World Wide Web. aims to extend the reach of all
their used processing equipment services by helping a broad audience of
manufacturers in the process and packaging industries. Whether a client wants to
buy, sell, or take advantage of Federal Equipment’s sourcing and investment
recovery services, the new Website will provide vast resources and assistance.
The new Website features expanded content and streaming media, including over
15,000 machines now in stock, and their accompanying 150,000+ photos. The
redesign incorporates sleek graphics and completely new navigational tools to
enhance searching and customer engagement.

"Our online visitors will now experience a more vibrant and seamless view of the entire Federal Equipment experience, and our deep online resources," says Christopher Camp, Marketing
Director for Federal Equipment. "As our renovated pharmaceutical and packaging
warehouses contain all of our finest used process equipment in a physical space,
the redesign of the Website creates a new virtual
home for the wide-ranging processing equipment and resources our company offers.
And it's an open house--we've streamlined access to our “online warehouse”,
making virtual visits to Federal Equipment more efficient, productive and
informative than ever."

The Content is Deeper and More Accessible
The site is organized to provide quick and direct access to
all of our resources for all manufacturing audiences. Our new homepage delivers
direct access to the major industry portals we serve: pharmaceutical, packaging,
chemical, and plastics. In addition to the industry-specific portal sections, we
display a complete equipment category list on the homepage, making it easy to
drill down to find the exact piece of equipment you need. Additionally, if a
user is not sure exactly where to look for specific information, the newly
developed robust search engine will help to organize searches by broad
categories, specific subcategories, manufacturer, and size or specifications of
the machine you need.

The "Investment Recovery" section explains Federal
Equipment’s asset disposition services, and the global presence it offers to
clients. Camp noted, “Federal Equipment’s intellectual capital, gained from
unparalleled experience in the pharmaceutical sector, enables Federal’s clients
to take advantage of worldwide asset disposition solutions, regardless of the
size, location or complexity of the project.” He also noted “this is a fast
growing part of our business, and we are very pleased to serve major clients
like Pfizer Inc. Federal Equipment’s goal is to consistently provide profitable
strategies to advance our client’s asset disposition goals. This is accomplished
by applying industry best practices to the specific goals of our clients,
leading to customized solutions for maximum profitability. We wanted those
services to be explained in great detail on our new Website.”

Federal Equipment’s online resources are as diverse as the global visitors who use them.
Access the new Federal Equipment Website can be found at