Friday, March 4, 2011

Used Laboratory Equipment Auction Starts March 9 2011

Date: Wednesday, March 09, 2011
Time: 9:00 AM ET
Location: Multiple Locations, USA
Lab: Equipment from Par Pharmaceutical, Teikoku Pharma USA, Progenics Pharmaceuticals & Other Leading Global Firms!

Featured Items
•2 Zymark Rapid Plate 96 Systems
•Nikon SMZ1000 Stereozoom Binocular Microscope with Camera and Computer
•Nikon Eclipse TS100 Binocular Inverted Microscope
•Nikon Optiphot-2 Binocular Microscope
•Packard Fusion A1536 Plate Counter
•Matrix Microplate Dispensing System
•Wallac 1409 Scintillation Counter
•Milli-Q Academic Water Purification System
•Branson 3510 Ultrasonic Cleaner
•Precision Scientific 183 Waterbath
•Brinkmann (Polytron) PT 3000 Homogenizer
•Molecular Devices SpectraMax 340PC Microplate Spectrophotometer
•Shimadzu UV-160U Visible Recording Spectrophotometer
•Sedere Sedex55 ELSD
•HP 8453 UV-Vis Spectrophotometer
•Perkin Elmer HS40xl Headspace Sampler
•Horiba CAPA-700 Particle Size Distribution Analyzer
•MFC M110T Microfuidizer
•Savant SpeedVac plus Centrifuge with Refrigerated Vapor Trap
•Waters LC1 LC Module 1 Plus
•Beckman Avanti30 Benchtop Centrifuge
•Beckman DU-640 Spectrophotometer

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