Sunday, April 3, 2011

Lab Equipment Used Auction Sale Various Global Firms

Lab: Equipment From Par Pharmaceuticals, Genisphere, Maimonides Medical Center & Other Leading Global Firms!

Date: Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Time: 9:00 AM ET
Location: Multiple Locations, USA

Featured Lab Used Equipment

•TA Instruments TGA Q5000 SA Sorption Analyzer
•Biorad Molecular Imager Gel Doc XR System
•Shimadzu LC2010C HT HPLC System with Refractive Index Detector
•Advia Centaur Chemistry Analyzer Immunoassay System
•Fotodyne 12 Bit Luniary Dual Light Workstation
•Perkin Elmer Optima 3000SC
•Beckman Coulter DNA Synthesizer Model Oligo 1000M
•GS Blue M Electric Double Door Oven
•MetOne A2408 Portable Airborne Laser Particle Counter
•Druck MCX Documenting Process Calibrator
•Kaye LTR-140 Validator
•Abbott Quantum 2 Dual Wavelength Analyzer