Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Plant Liquidation - Dyes and Pigments Used Equipment for Sale

Current list of assets for sale by

Industrial Asset Management, LLC
1450 Parkside Ave., Suite 27
Ewing, New Jersey 08638 USA
Sales +1-609-936-8696
Fax +1-609-936-9102
(1) 4000 gallon 316SS Reactor, 8ft x 10ft (2.4m x 3m), Inco 600 jkt, 75psi int, 150psi jkt, Chemineer drive
(1) 15,000 gallon MONEL 400 Reactor, 12ft x 18ft (3.6m x 5.5m), jacketed, 100 hp Philadelphia drive
(1) 20 gallon NICKEL Reactor, 500 psi (33 bar) internal, 150 psi (10 bar) jacket
(1) 2m3 HASTELLOY rotary vacuum dryer, Sanitary, 1998
(1) 3m3 TITANIUM rotary vacuum dryer
(1) Hydrogenation Plant - 1200 litre HASTELLOY with all support equipment
(1) 175 ft3 (5m3) Ribbon Blender, 304SS, jktd, 4.5ft x 12ft long (1.3m x 3.6m), double ribbon.
(1) 175 ft3 (5m3) Ribbon Blender, 304SS, 4.5ft x 12ft long, (1.3m x 3.6m), double ribbon
(1) Nauta Mixer, approx 150ft3 (4m3), JH Day, 304 SS, 8 ft diameter x 12 ft (2.4m x 3.6m)
(1) Bauermeister Universal Mill, model UT13, 20hp, 3520rpm
(1) Premier Mill, model HML1.5, Pilot Plant Supermill, 5hp, 1996
(1) Cowles Dissolver, stainless steel, Model VHLM5, 1996
(2) Filter Presses, (62) 1200mm recessed plates, polypropylene
(1) Graphite block HX, Kearney, 75psi (5 bar) both sides
(2) Universal Wear Testers, Custom Scientific Instruments

Spray Dryers
Anhydro Tall form nozzle spray dryer, stainless steel, Type III AK No. 74 TF supplied by APV, water evap. 1225 lb/hr (555kg), powder 566 lb/hr (257kg)

Bayliss tower-nozzle spray dryer, stainless steel, 12 x 50 ft (3.6x15m), water evap 1015 lb/hr (460kg), powder 565 lb/hr (257kg)
Immediate Availability