Thursday, February 3, 2011

Major Auction: Pharma Equipment from Roche

Major Auction: Pharma Equipment from Roche
Equipment Location: Nutley, NJ, USA
Auction Date: February 8, 2011

Start Time: 10:00 AM ET


• Over 600 Lots of High Quality Kit!
• Fette 2090i WIP 45 Station BB Tooled Barrier Isolated Rotary Tablet Press
• IMA C90-A91 Integrated Blister and Cartoning Line with MGS Case Packer
• Tablet, Capsule Bottle Packaging Line (Less Table-Capsule Counter Filler)
• Niro MP4 Fluid Bed Dryer with 4 Various Size Bowls
• Crest Aqueous Ultrasonic Cleaning System (UNUSED)
• IMA Precisa 120 Capsule Check Weigher
• Patterson Kelley 50 Cubic Foot Twin Shell Dry Blender
• WLS Gabler R600 Spheronizer
• Bruker MPA Multi Purpose FT-NIR Analyzer
• Waters 2695 HPLC System with 2487 Absorbance Detector
• Nicolet Continum FT-IR Imaging Microscope with Nicolet Avatar 370TGS Unit
• TK Fielder PMA400 High Shear Mixer
• WLS Gabler DE40 Twin Screw Extruder-Hot Melt Extruder
• Christ Water Technology Purified Water System
• Hartnett Delta Tablet-Capsule Printer
• DCI Stainless Steel Tank (approx 40 gal) with Air Operated Lightnin Mixer
• Nilfisk CFM Vacuum Cleaner
• Stainless Steel Belt Conveyor with 10in Wide Belt, No Legs, No Drive
• Alloy Fab 100 Gallon Stainless Steel Tank with Mixer
• Alloy Fab 4000 Liter Stainless Steel Tank with Mixer
• Gallay/Flobin Stainless Steel 6 Cubic Foot Tote Bin
• Tri Clover 15HP Centrifugal Pump
• Lot of (11) Remcon 13 Cubic Foot Polyethlyne Tote Bins/Hoppers
• Revco Rex 2304A-N-O Pharmacy/Laboratory Refridgerator and/or Freezer
• Lot of (3) Bohle Stainless Steel 1000 Liter Intermediate Bulk Hoppers
• Bridgeport Milling Machine
• Cincinnati Milling Machine
• Aquafine CSL-4R UV Sterilizer
• Groen 40 Gallon Jacketed Kettle with Lightnin Mixer
• Perkin Elmer Spectrum RXI FT-OR Spectrometer with 15in Monitor
• Lakso Vibratory Tablet Feeder with Torit Dust Collector and Inspection Belt
• and more!
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