Saturday, April 23, 2011

BioPharma Used Equipment Auction Starts April 27 2011

By Order of Pfizer, SpectraWatt, VWR and other Global Biotech & Pharmaceutical Companies Major Biotech Lab, Pharmaceutical and Research & Development Equipment Auction: Over 300 Lots of HPLCs, Mass Specs, LC/GC Systems, Robotic Workstations, and a Large Quantity of General Lab Equipment
Auction by GoIndustry Dovebid

VWR - Bridgeport & Hainseport, NJ USA:• (10) VWR 414004-201 Symphony ULT Upright Freezer, 115V, 60 Hz
• (2) VWR 414004-202 Symphony ULT Upright Freezer, 220V, 60 Hz

SpectraWatt - Beaverton & Hillsboro, OR USA:

• Perkin Elmer Pyris-1 TGA Thermogravimetric Analyzer
• Perkin Elmer Lambda-950 High Performance UV/Vis Spectrometer
• Heidolph Laborata-4000 Efficient Rotary Evaporator
• General Lab Equipment Including VWR Vacuum & Drying Ovens, Hotplate/Stirrers, Hotplates With Probes, Mettler Analytical Balances, Vacuum Pumps & Much More
• Lab Seating, Worktables & Hoods

Pfizer - Union, NJ USA:• Assorted HPLC Components
• Assorted Mettler, Sartorius & Other Analytical Balances & Scales
• Large Quantity of General Lab Equipment: Meters, Columns, Ovens, Hotplate/Stirrers, Shakers, Stirrers, Mixers, Desiccators And More
• Assorted Pipettes by Drummond, Biohit, Eppendorf & Gilson
• Hach DR/820 Colorimeter
• (9) Assorted Kewaunee Chemical Fume Hoods
• (3) Assorted Baker Bio-Safety Hoods
• Hamilton Bio-Safety Hood

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