Saturday, April 23, 2011

Electronic Manufacturing Exchange #141 Online Auction - North America

Online Auction of Used Equipment (electronic), Lots closing from: 27 Apr 2011 6:00 AM PDT
Used Equipment Auction by GoIndustry Dovebid


SpectraWatt – Hillsboro, OR
Solar Panel and Semiconductor Manufacturing:
• MMR Technologies HALL Measurement System
• Picoquant Photonics Diode Laser and Lifetime Detector
• Sinton WCT Lifetime Tester
• Angstrom Sun Motorized XYZ Spectroscopic Ellipsometer
• Atlas Light Solar Constant 4000 w/ Shutter System
• Veeco/Dektak D150 Characterization Tool
• Ocean Optics UV-VIS Spectrometer
• VWR Fume Hoods

World-Class Semiconductor Manufacturer – Hayward, CA, Hillsboro, OR & Rio Grande, NM USA: (Surplus Assets to their Ongoing Operations)
Semiconductor Mfg & Test:• 2003 Hitachi S-5200 Scanning Electron Microscope
• Karl Suss 300mm Wafer Prober
• (2) Philips FCM-II Fast Component Placers
• BOC Edwards Vacuum Pumps Including iQDP80’s & 40’s, QDP80’s & 40’s, GVSP30’s

Honeywell – Clearwater, FL(Surplus Assets to their Ongoing Operations)
Electronic Test And Measurement:• Over 65 lots of Test & Measurement Equipment From Leading Manufacturers

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