Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Thaiser Technologis y Laser S.L.
 Salvatierra - Agurain (Alava), Spain

On-Line Only Auction begins September 29, 2011 and will begin closing on October 4, 2011 at 3:00 PM CEST (Spain Time) 
Inspection: By appointment only, please call 1-800-300-6852 


Lasers including Trumpf Lasercell M/N 1005, 5000 watt, type TCC, new 2001, Trumpf Trumatic M/N 3030, 3200 watt, new 2002 and Trumpf Tubermatic M/N TLF2700, 2700 watt, new 2002 etc., Adige Tube M/N LT652B

Brakes including Trumpf M/N V130 CNC, 300 CM/130-ton, new 2002, Trumpf M/N V50, 125 CM/50-ton, new 2002

Pipe Benders including Tejero M/N HR-42-CNC, new 2005, Tejero M/N M80-OP, new 1998

Welding Cells including Motofil Robotic 6" welding cell, M/N Type Mono U with Promis weld source, new 2004, Motofil Robotic 8" welding cell, M/N Type Mono B with Promis weld source, new 2004

Bending Rolls and Iron Workers includes Geka M/N 55/S hydraulic iron worker, 6' pyramid roll, variable speed drill presses, spot welders, band saws, (60) sections cantilever rack, pallet rack etc.

Cranes includes GH 10-ton double girder bridge crane, (4) GH 6.3-ton double girder bridge crane and (2) GH 2-ton overhead jib cranes

Rolling Stock includes (2) Mitsubishi 3500 pound diesel forklifts, Renault D65 minivan and Fiat flatbed truck 

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